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There’s more to doing business than, well, you know, doing business! Whether you’re a B2B or a B2C business, there’s also that all-important customer relationship to think about. The better that you take care of your clients, the more likely that you’ll have an ongoing business relationship with them. To boost your customer relationship lifetime (and thus land you more ongoing sales) you should think about what can make your customer always think of you fondly.

One trick that businesses have been doing since the beginning of time is to give clients gifts at key points throughout the life of your relationship. This starts at the very beginning of the relationship – perhaps gifting pens and sweets if you attend a trade fair, in the hope that you’ll strike an opportunity. It continues all the way through – perhaps a corporate gift basket when they sign on with your service or product, or when their company has a big success. You can even choose to give a gift when your relationship ends – if it’s amicable.


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If you’re managing a lot of customer relationships then it can be annoying having to try and think up different gifts or choose different providers all the time. This is why it is particularly good to have a gift service on call for your business.

At Gift Baskets Direct, we have a big variety of hampers available to suit every occasion throughout your customer relationship. These, in our corporate section, range from a Moet and Choccies box, to a Coffee Break gift, to a Food Affair hamper, and the Office Party gift basket. You can also choose from other hampers, such as Get Well hampers, or Birthday hampers, should you feel the occasion suitable.

If you put in reminders in your CRM about when to give gifts, and have a trusted provider on call, it can make gift giving across your relationship together so much easier. You’ll have a reminder pop up automatically, and can simply call or go online with us and have it all organised in just a couple of minutes. This takes the stress out of remembering when to give gifts and who you used last time.

If you shop with us, then you can easily make an account and have all your ordering history handy for your business too. It simply makes sense to have a gift service on call for your business. Don’t waste any more time trying to juggle a million things at once, and make life easier for yourself! We can arrange any order large or small, so please feel free to get in contact with us at Gift Baskets Direct if you have any specific requirements for your business account or next gift.

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