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Today business is evolving. It’s faster, communication flows more freely, and client relationships are built over many more touchpoints. You’re more likely to communicate with a client via email, text messaging and digital advertising than you are with a face-to-face chat.

As such, client communications can become impersonal. Simply stated, corporate gift-giving in today’s business climate is more important than ever. A thoughtful and timely gift communicates to clients and prospective customers just how much you value them, and it can help you establish and nurture long-term client relationships.

But here’s something to remember: Not all corporate gift providers are created equal.

The most innovative gift basket providers deliver gifts that create memorable, lasting impressions. They offer a seamless buying, ordering and delivery solutions that enable you to quickly order and ship gifts to your clients. And innovative providers understand how today’s client relationships have evolved, and deliver solutions that are tailored to today’s specific business climate.

Really, you need an innovative corporate gift provider now more and ever. Here are four key reasons why you should consider a forward-thinking corporate gift provider:


Why Your Corporate Gift Provider Needs to Be Innovative


The Best Providers Create Memorable Gift Baskets

Rule 1 of corporate gift giving: Create an impression. A basket full of cheap items, or one that’s packed with pens, mouse pads and T-shirts with your company’s logo feels impersonal. Innovative providers understand that what you give matters. They follow gift-giving trends and constantly update their offerings. With a forward-thinking provider, you know you will be creating corporate gift baskets that wow and say thank you without going overboard.


Innovative Gift Providers Make It Easier to Order and Manage

In the past, gift giving was time consuming. You’d have to order catalogues from providers, order gifts by phone, and then hope that gift was received in a timely manner. Innovative gift basket providers know that the pace of business today requires faster gift giving. They make it easy to order, stylise, manage and track gift baskets via online tools. They provide tools for account management. And they make it easy to design unique, branded gift baskets.


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They Understand Today’s Unique Client Relationship Needs

You aren’t managing clients based on a Rolodex and paper files. Client relationships are managed via CRM tools, email and the web. When selecting a corporate gift basket provider, it’s important you choose a provider that understands how client management has evolved. Innovative companies are happy to provide consultation – helping you choose gift basket options that fit your company’s goals – and they understand that personalisation is absolutely critical for making a lasting impression.


Choose A Gift Provider That Will Help You Achieve Business Goals

Corporate gift giving in today’s marketplace is more critical than ever. A personalised gift can help your company create a lasting impression and reinforce your brand messaging. But remember: You need a gift basket provider that can offer advice on what to include, that can help you customise baskets for clients and that offers the tools to do that seamlessly via the web.

Gift Baskets Direct helps Australian companies take their gift-giving to the next level. Join our corporate gift giving programme today, and receive advice about what to give, set up your account for fast, convenient ordering, and save money on volume discounts.

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