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What makes a person want to work with a particular company or brand? Well, the main reason is financial compensation. We all have bills to pay, which means we have to work jobs that give us the cash to pay for stuff.

And while many of us have an entrepreneurial spirit, most of us start as employees before we find our feet. With the world economy being the way it is, even employees often have personal side projects that bring them a little extra cash.


Reasons to Celebrate EOFY Achievements with A Gift Hamper for Your Employees


Another reason why people work where they work is that they possess that particular skill set. Some people are good with numbers, so maybe the get into accounts, insurance, or math teaching. Others enjoy meeting new people, so they might get into sales or work a job that involves a lot of personal interactions with customers.

For some people, the decision of where to work is less cognitive and more practical. They might take whatever job is available in their neighbourhood because they need to be close to home for family reasons, or due to health requirements. Others may end up working in their family business.

Employees get compensated by a pay cheque. Some get benefits like a medical cover, company cars, transport subsidies, assistance with accommodation or education, and performance bonuses. At the end of the year, they can look forward to the staff Christmas party, where there will probably be an open bar, a Secret Santa, and a chance to let loose and hang out with colleagues in a relaxed atmosphere.

As much as this party is the highlight of the year, it can also be quite awkward. Dutch courage can lead to decisions that may make the rest of your working life quite uncomfortable. Plus, it’s hard to fully let your guard down when you know your bosses are watching.

An easier, more helpful, more meaningful way to celebrate company success at the end of the year is to offer everyone on your team a gift basket. Yes, you can still provide drinks. Wine hampers are a popular gift choice, but it might be better to simply include one bottle of your team member’s favourite drink. This way, they can still enjoy the benefits of free alcohol without the added pressure of trying not to get drunk in front of the boss.

Conservative team members can join the fun because their hampers could be loaded with a soft drink or non-alcoholic wine or root beer. If you really want to score personal points, you could throw in some soy milk, rice milk, almond milk, or whey protein as appropriate. It shows your employees that you have noticed their preferences, and little things like that are a great, low-cost way to boost team loyalty.

When you’re putting together hampers, get help from your receptionist, or security guard. They are the team members most likely to notice personal things about your team like their favourite colour, how many kids they have, where their spouses work, or who just had a rough break up. These details will help you create a basket that is meaningful and touching for everyone on your team. If you’d like to check out hamper options, get in touch with us at Gift Baskets Direct, or browse our online catalogue.

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