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With Father’s Day only a few weeks away, it’s time to start thinking about finding the perfect gift to show Dad your love and appreciation. Some dads are into cars, others into barbequing, but some dads are happiest to receive a gift that will satisfy their sweet tooth. Here are our top picks for gifts for a dad with a big sweet tooth this Father’s Day

1. Sweet Gift Hamper

A gift hamper is a great way to conveniently give dad a selection of the sweet treats he loves. If your dad is more of a chocolate lover, this Chocolate Cheer hamper is the perfect thing to give him a little taste of a bunch of different chocolatey treats to savor and enjoy. He’ll get to munch his way through Florentines, rocky road, chocolate-covered peanut clusters, Ferrero Rochers, milk chocolate chunk cookies, milk chocolate truffles, assorted milk and dark chocolates, and chocolate salted caramel mini melting moments. If your dad is a true chocolate lover, this hamper will absolutely make his day.

If your dad prefers a bit more variety in his sweet tooth indulgences, then perhaps this aptly named Sweet Tooth hamper would be the right fit for him. In this one he’ll find roasted almond biscottis, Florentines, a peanut slab, raspberry cream boiled lollies, Belgian chocolates, rolled dark chocolate wafers, and vanilla almond nougat. With that variety your dad’s sweet tooth will be satisfied for quite a while!

2. Take Dad Out for Some Special Sweets

If you know your dad has a favourite special treat, plan to take him out on Father’s Day (or a few days before or after to avoid the crowds!). Is he a donut lover? Plan to head out in the morning for coffee and a few holey sweets. Or better yet, bring home a box for dad to wake up to first thing in the morning to kick Father’s Day off right.

If Dad is more of an ice cream guy, find a highly recommended spot with something special to offer. If you can find a place with hot fudge on tap or a specialty ice cream sundae or milkshake, that will really make the day feel out-of-the ordinary and truly special for your Dad. If Dad has a sweet tooth and has never had one of those monster milkshakes with brownie chunks inside and a cronut on top, then that will certainly make for a mind-blowing and memorable trip!

3. Homemade Treats

Sometimes the simplest gifts turn out to be the best gifts. Maybe all your dad really wants this Father’s Day is a batch of your special homemade chocolate chip cookies. Making a treat that’s a classic in your household or is Dad’s personal favourite is a great way to show him you’re thinking of him and really care for him. You could also ask a family member if Dad had a favourite treat while growing up and recreate it for him. Even if you’re not the best cook or baker, a Dad with a sweet tooth will be truly grateful for your efforts.

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