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The world today is a village. We can communicate instantaneously, and even video-call on our smartphones, so we never feel too far away from those we love. At the same time, because people feel so close, they’re less uneasy about working and living far away. As the crow flies, they could be weeks away, but whenever you want them you can reach them with a click and pinch of your designated screen. In a way, this has brought people closer. You can chat your siblings, their spouses, and their kids, so you can get to know them really well.

Of course this only happens if you want it. Just because you have the ability to monitor your niece’s milestones and mark your nephew’s homework doesn’t mean you will. Still, it should be fairly easy to find out what they want for Christmas. You could scour their social media for hints, or conscript them to spy on each other’s ‘letters to Santa’. If all else fails, just message them and ask. Whatever their answer, we have a good selection here at Gift Baskets Direct.

Christmas sweets

In case you won’t get a chance to physically see your siblings – or even if you just want to put something for them under the family tree, you can tease their sweet tooth. Kids get excited unwrapping their shiny, crinkly packages, and while we don’t expose or indulge our giggly glee, adults are partial to that texture, gleam, and sound of tinsel as well. And you know what’s always packed in tinsel? Candy. So foster your siblings’ secret delight with a Sweet Decadence Christmas gift hamper in Melbourne. (We deliver to other places too.)

It has nearly a dozen Christmas candy brands that include ginger thins, peanut slabs, milk chocolate, biscotti, roasted nuts (peanuts and almonds), cookies, fudge, (jam and butter) shortbread, nougat, and a bag-in-a-bag gift of figs and pecans. With that much candy available, a few pieces might survive and trickle down to the kids. Ideally though, get separate goodies for the next generation so your grown relatives can enjoy theirs guilt-free.

$69 Christmas

If your budget is a little lower and your siblings are a little cheekier, you could buy this special hamper and leave the price tag on – because under this circumstances, it’s part of the gift. This box is a little more adult, and not just in its price. There’s nothing salacious in it – just a bottle of bubbly and some chocolate, which is how we’ve named it. Specifics: the Bubbly and Chocolates hamper comprises celebratory Cuvee Brut by Jacob’s Creek, milk chocolate on its own, more milk chocolate as a coat for peanuts, and mini melting moments.

We’ve selected raspberry and white chocolate to match Christmas colours – it’s a popular traditional Christmas treat. If you like, you could select your own out-of-store treats to add to the Christmas box. It’s a fun way to explore inside jokes among siblings, now that you’re all grown and have families of your own. We should mention that we offer branded packs. They’re mostly aimed at corporates, where we print their logo or apply company colours, but if you’re ordering for multiple family members, we can brand the packs with family photos.

To pick the ideal gift basket for your needs this Christmas, call Gift Baskets Direct on 1300 665 331.

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