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Easter is right around the corner, and it’s time to start thinking of how to fill up those baskets with treats to delight. But the fun of Easter baskets doesn’t have to end when you’re no longer a kid – adults can also exchange Easter baskets and gifts, with a more grown-up twist of course. An adult Easter basket doesn’t need to be filled with only candy; get creative fill a basket or choose a gift with items based on their tastes and interests. Below are a few ideas to get you started on your hunt for the perfect Easter gifts!

1. For the Boys

The guys in your life might enjoy an Easter basket full of chocolates, but chances are they’ll enjoy a gift basket full of beers and bar snacks even more. It can be tough to find hampers for men that they’ll really enjoy but have a look for one with a few drinks and some salty snacks, and it’s sure to be a hit. Just make sure you get him to open it first thing in the morning, so the beers are icy cold for Easter lunch.

2.  For the Cook

Shopping for the perfect Easter gift for someone who is always cooking up a storm? Head to your local homewares and grocery stores and stock up on some new kitchen gadgets. You can also pick up any ingredients needed to make that dish she’s been dying to try. Once you have everything together, you can wrap it up inside of a new mixing bowl or cake pan.

3. For the Gardener

Easter is the perfect time of year to pick up some new plants for the avid home gardener and freshen up her Easter morning.  Calla Lilies, Cockscomb, and Daisies offer fun options to add a bit of fresh colour to the table, while lavender or herb plants add the benefit of making any room smell great.

4. For the Movie Buff

A movie-themed Easter basket is simple to pull together and gives you a great excuse to spend a night in relaxing with the recipient. Pick up a few of his favourite DVDs or choose some he hasn’t seen but seem his style. Add some candy, popcorn, and perhaps a couple of beers, and you are ready to hit “play.” Wrap everything in a fleece blanket for chilly weather movie nights or throw everything into a big bowl to use for the popcorn later!

5. For the Sentimental One

Easter is a family-focused time, so a great gift idea is to pick a photo that’s meaningful to the recipient and have it framed. A photo of you and the recipient together would be a great memory that you both share. Personalised jewellery is another great option for the sentimental people in your life. Look out for necklaces and bracelets that can be custom fitted with birthstones or engraved with initials of loved ones.

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