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You’ve just heard the news: your boss is getting married! Whether you’ve been invited to the wedding or not, it’s a good idea to send a gift. Most importantly, it’s a thoughtful gesture for someone you work with. But from a professional standpoint you also don’t want to end up being the only person in the office who hasn’t given anything.

Now the question remains, what is an appropriate gift for a boss? Of course, it will depend on the relationship you have with the person, whether you’ve been invited to the ceremony, and whether they’ve opened a gift registry. All that aside, however, if you simply want to give something thoughtful as a congratulatory gesture, here are some ideas that should go over swimmingly with the boss.

  1. Gift Basket

A gift basket is a fun yet professional way to offer your congratulations, and with so many options to choose from, there is sure to be something that your boss will love. Seeing as champagne is a classic for celebrations and chocolate is synonymous with love, this Moet and Choccies Gift Basket is a perfect gift to offer your congratulations on your boss’ engagement. It includes a Moet and Chandon Piccolo bottle, Chocolatier assorted chocolates, Lindt assorted chocolates, and Ferrero Rocher chocolates. Your boss is sure to appreciate this sweet and sparkly gourmet basket!

  1. Custom Frame

If your boss has already set a date for the wedding, you could have a beautiful photo frame engraved with the date—it will be ready to fill with precious memories from the big day when it finally comes around.

  1. Keepsake Box

Like the photo frame, a keepsake box is another great gift idea to hold onto memories from your boss’ wedding day. He or she can keep invitations, photographs, notes and cards from family and friends, dried flowers, and other keepsakes.

  1. Cookbook

If you know your boss loves to cook (or his or her partner does), consider gifting a cookbook with classic recipes that the happy couple can try out together. Unless you know your boss has certain dietary needs, choose a general book with timeless recipes that aren’t overly fussy—your boss is busy at work after all!

To go with the cookbook, keep an eye out for kitchenware made with love in mind—there are hugging salt and pepper shakers, spoons engraved with romantic lines, his and hers highball glasses, and dinner napkins printed with quotes about love.

  1. Tickets

The gift of an experience is never forgotten, and this is especially true during the stress of wedding planning! Gift your boss tickets to a concert, sporting event, or other show that he or she might enjoy with the fiancée. They’ll appreciate the excuse to spend some time together that doesn’t involve going.

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