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The wedding industry is massive, but for many people, an anniversary isn’t a commercial affair. It’s a chance to celebrate the love between two people. So whether you’re shopping for your spouse, your grandparents, or your boss, it helps to put some thought into it. You might use commercial cues to guide you.

For example, every anniversary has a ‘theme’ or name. These differ from nation to nation, and some have evolved over time. The first anniversary is identified as the paper anniversary in many parts of the world, but in modern American usage, it’s called the clock anniversary.

The 20th anniversary is seen as the china anniversary, but in modern America, the china anniversary is two years in. Either way, the name of the anniversary can offer a hint on what to buy. You could get his & her watches for the 15th anniversary, at least in modern US thinking. The more traditional gift is crystal, whether it’s a vase, jewellery, or a chandelier.

Hampers are always an excellent choice for anniversary gifts, and if the happy couple lives in Australia, gift basket hunting is easy. Ideally, it should be a gift they can enjoy together. It should be memorable and meaningful. Since hampers are packed in a gift bag, you can add a small token of their years together, like a silver trinket or picture frame for their 25th.

Start by deciding on a theme. Would like something alcoholic, chocolate flavoured, or cheese based? Here at Gift Baskets Direct, we have all that and more. You can have your hamper delivered straight to your recipients. Feeling a little lost? Here are our top picks for 2018:

Classic Chivas

The stereotype is that not many women are whiskey drinkers. But for an anniversary treat, an aged malt goes down beautifully. This hamper contains a bottle of Classic Chivas Scotch that has been matured for 12 years. The gift basket also contains chocolate, salted nuts, olives, roasted peppers, and relish. For a personal touch, you can include plush his & hers robes, or scented candles for that little dose of romance.

Crack a Coldie Beer Hamper

Aussies love our barley and hops, so if you happen to know that both the Mr. and the Mrs. like their beer and BBQ, this is a good choice. It contains five different beers, including a low carb larger in case someone is counting calories. The basket comprises of tasty nibbles like cashews, pretzels, beer nuts and rice crackers to go with the weight-watching beer.

Chandon on Ice

When in doubt, go the traditional route. This hamper contains a bottle of sparkling champagne, some chocolate, and an ice bucket. The bucket is a nice touch because it’s practical and functional, but it also makes a memorable keepsake. Throw in a pair of champagne flutes to sweeten the deal. You could even have them inscribed or engraved.

Celebrate love in 2018 with our selection of wedding anniversary gift hampers. Call us today on 1300 665 331.

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