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We all have that one friend that seems impossible to please. It might be that their tastes are somewhat finicky, or maybe they just like unusual flavours that are challenging to find. It might even be that you’ve been friends forever, but you’ve never had the type of interaction where you could discover what they like. And after knowing each other all this time, it can be embarrassing to ask them whether they prefer chocolate to cheese because it seems like something you should already know.

There’s an easy way to get around this and still save face. You could talk to one of our gift concierges at Gift Baskets Direct. They’re pretty good at gauging someone and deciphering the kind of gift they may enjoy. You’ll have to be a little sneaky though. You might take an appropriate photo of their desk, bedroom, or bathroom, to give us some idea of what they might like.

It should be something tasteful, like a snapshot of their dresser or bathroom cabinet, so that we can see if they like a particular brand, or whether they prefer bath salts to shower gels, for example. A desk photo could give us a clue on their preferred snack (junk food vs fresh fruit), or whether they’re a book vs movie kind of person. Still, even without your bit of sleuthing, we can offer a few recommendations for mixed gift baskets.

A taste of divine indulgence

If your friend has eccentric tastes or is she’s a spiritual being that likes to get in touch with her inner self, the Divine Indulgence Hamper is a good fit. The Tint Tiny Tea Pot will appeal to artistic tastes and will make a beautiful showpiece even if your friend doesn’t drink tea.

And for her cheeky sense of humour, she will love the Life of Cha Crystal Tea, and Two Little Tarts salted honeycomb. She’ll probably keep them based on their names alone and will get a kick out of shocking her house guests by displaying them on the mantel, right next to her cute teapot. Then she can pamper herself with coffee scrub and the mini skincare pack.

On the other hand, if she genuinely enjoys sensuous full-body experiences, then the aromatic coffee scrub, herbal mud pack, and tea infused with butterfly pea, pandan, and lemongrass will speak to her very soul as they stimulate her senses. Everything is packed in a premium gift box, wrapped in tissue, tied with a ribbon, and topped with a gift card.

Customise it

Plan B is to work with us and assemble a one-of-a-kind basket. Remember those tasteful photos we mentioned earlier? Combine those with a few careful questions to his/her intimates. Ask them the kind of thing she likes and give us a list. Try the mother, sister, or significant other, preferably someone that lives with him/her and knows them well.

Send us your responses, and we can look through our assortment of items and pick out a collection within your budget. Tell us how you want it packed – we offer wicker baskets, wooden boxes, and premium basket boxes. As a final touch, we can print a special photo, initials, or branded message on your friend’s gift packaging.

To find the right gift for your fussy friend, call Gift Baskets Direct on 1300 665 331.


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