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Wine makes a great gift, but it’s pretty low-hanging fruit. On the one hand, it’s a gift that ‘can’t go wrong’ because it’s classy and impressive. But on the off-chance your guest actually enjoys wine, you might just irk them by getting the wrong variant or brand. Here at Gift Baskets Direct, we understand that, and we can work with you to curate the right wine hampers. That aside, there are people who aren’t really ‘winey’ in their tastes and would rather have something else. Like whiskey, or beer, or even coffee. We have selections for them too, and like all our hampers, they come with elegant packaging and a free gift card.

Bring on the beer

For wine lovers, all beer tastes the same – bad. But for the lover of barley and hops, there are brands they swear by and others they’ll only drink under duress. Many beer drinkers are partial to craft beer because it’s richer and more flavourful. It’s often brewed domestically, or in a gourmet set up. You could get this type of fan a home brewing kit for Christmas, or a subscription to a beer-making class. A physical class would be best, because of the sensory immersion. But if that’s not possible, an online class will do.

Of course not everybody wants to make their own beer. Some are content to drink it, especially when someone else is buying. So how about impressing them with a Beer Wine and Snacks Hamper? Yes, it does have wine in it – Cabernet Sauvignon from our very own Barossa Valley. But it has more beer than wine – four bottles of Crown Lager. Each bottle is 375ml, so that’s twice as much as the dry red. The hamper also has some tasty snacks – chilli peanuts, olives, feta, rice crackers, and cocktail nibbles from Jamaica.

Keep walking …

… is ideal advice for the Christmas party (#DontDrinkAndDrive) and is also a harbinger of these high-class Christmas hampers for men. Yes, ladies love them too, especially if they’re partial to good ole Johnny. As a rule, Johnny Walker Black Label barrels have to be at least a 12-year blend, which makes them richer and more oaken than your average whisky. Pro tip: when you’re shopping for a whisky lover, don’t just dash for the favourite (non-whisky) colour. Each Johnny Walker colour marks its birthday, so to speak.

Johnny Red is a neophyte, fresh and un-aged. Black and Double-black are 12, Green is 15, Gold is 18, Blue is a lady draped in silk … and you don’t ask her age. There’s also Johnny Walker Swing. Its rounded bottom rocks from side to side, originally designed for sailing, but now owned for prestige. Our Johnny Walker hamper has a bottle of Black, accompanied by peanuts dressed in chocolate and sweet chilli. The gift box also has olives, roasted peppers, and relish.

To pick the ideal gift basket for your needs this Christmas, call Gift Baskets Direct on 1300 665 331.

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