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The Australian lifestyle is represented by good food, good weather, barbeques, beaches and let’s not forget to mention a beverage or two. The characteristics of the quintessential Aussie is to enjoy these aforementioned things as well as being caring, passionate and generous. So why not say thank you to that special Aussie family, friend or hero with a gift basket that showcases the Australian lifestyle. Whether a foodie, a wine connoisseur or a beer drinker there is a gift basket on the market tailored to their Aussie tastes. So when buying your presents, make it easy on yourself and grab a gift basket that can be delivered directly to that special someone.

Crack a Coldie Hamper

As Aussies, we all love a cold beer on a hot day and we drink enough to be considered a connoisseur of beer. The Crack a Coldie hamper beer hamper will give the recipient a chance to try a bunch of beer when soaking up some sun as well as the finest snack food that will complement the golden nectar perfectly.

Beer, Wine and Snacks Hamper

Australia is quite well known for producing high-quality wine and as a nation, we consume our fair share. The beer, wine, and snacks hamper features exactly that and has everything in it for some Friday afternoon drinks in the backyard as you and your family catch up on the week that was.

Almost the Squire

James Squire Brewing company produces some of the finest beers in Australia. The extensive selection features pale, amber and golden ales and many more. The Almost the Squire gift basket includes all the brews made by the James Squire brewing company and will give the receiver an opportunity to sample some of Australia finest ales while snacking on some quality nibbles.

Red Wine and Chocolate Bucket

Probably more the ladies, but hey more and more men would appreciate chowing down on some fine chocolate while sipping on some of Australia gift basket like best wine produced in the Hunter Valley region. McGuigan wine has been a staple and a go-to wine for many Australian homes and the wine only gets better over the years as the company refines their practices. So for Mum’s birthday or the wine lover in the office, this is the perfect gift basket for them.

Classic Chivas Basket

Australians are known for outdoor entertaining. The quintessential barbeque is common all over the country. The Classic Chivas basket is great for after all the food has been eaten and it’s time to have a nightcap. The basket features a bottle of classic Chivas Regal paired with some fine chocolates. It’s a great way to wind down the evening by sharing some scotch whiskey, chocolate and of course some laughs and stories.

We are truly blessed in this country, our lifestyle is a rich tapestry of outdoors, great food and great drink. These gift baskets have captured that by combining the best attributes of the nation and wrapping them and delivering them to your door. Grab one from Gift Basket Direct today.

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