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The lights are out, the carols are loud, and the trees are on display. That’s the fun part. Less fun? Shopping for presents. You have to juggle your budget and your hectic holiday rush with their hints and insane delivery schedules. And if you think it’s hard shopping for kids, adults are an even bigger minefield. How much should you spend? Should you give them the receipt? (It shows your exact cash-cost, but it also lets them exchange the gift for something they want). Will they get the wrong idea? Is the gift too intimate … or worse … not enough?

You could get around all this drama by opting for a Christmas gift basket in Melbourne, though Gift Baskets Direct will send your gift box anywhere you want within Australia. Our gift concierges carefully curate our selections to cover all the holiday bases. Christmas candy fits the season, chocolate covers the ‘romantic’ base for your significant other (and works for anyone with a sweet tooth), and fancy wine or champers help you celebrate. Here’s a list of some of our favourite hampers, just to get your gift ideas flowing.

Indulge their taste-buds

Our Christmas Indulgence gift hamper can be … lubricated … with red wine, white wine, or sparkling wine (the other hamper ingredients are uniform, so your tipple is the only distinguishing factor between these three gift boxes). Other elements include Christmassy nougat (with cranberry, cherry, limar, and pistachio, the perfect mix of nutty red and green). There’s lots of chocolate, brandied tarts, Christmas pudding, and your selection of Aussie wine. Pick from Pinot Noir, Shiraz, or Sauvignon Blanc, all distilled by McGuigan. Give us a call, and we’ll have your hamper delivered in time for gift-unwrapping.

Offer pre-game nibbles

In January 2019, you can harness your resolutions for detox and work-outs, but right now, we’re entering the season of feasting. Ideally, your Christmas meals should involve lots of interesting comfort food from red cranberry sauce and white egg-nog to green pistachios. But while you don’t want to ruin your appetite for Christmas dinner, you recognise it takes hours – sometimes days to prepare. So offer a little pre-game treat of Christmas Nibbles. This gift box contains the usual Christmas pudding and chocolate, but there’s also a jar of jam (technically, it’s strawberry conserve), nougat, shortbread, and boiled Christmas lollipops.

Be a good guest

If you’ve been invited to dinner at any point during the holidays, it’s customary to bring a bottle. Make it relevant with one of our Seasons Greetings hampers. It’s a simple but meaningful gift, and you can choose McGuigan red, white, or sparkling, accompanied with Christmas pudding and pair of cute Belgian chocolate bits. This is also a good gift if your Christmas will be an intimate affair for two. Throw in some fluffy socks embroidered with seasonal motifs. Great for cuddling by the fire – which by the way – is also a great Christmas gift, so if your wallet is up to it, you can go fireplace shopping as well …

For irresistible Christmas hampers, call Gift Baskets Direct on 1300 665 331.

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