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If you didn’t know much about Australia and tuned into a radio station, podcast, or TV show, you might think we were a little balmy. No, it doesn’t have anything to do with our character or colloquialism (though those are mighty colourful too). It’s more about all this talk of winter … in the middle of August. You might be used to hearing about mid-year winter, but it’s probably from people with darker skin and curlier hair. After all, lots of tropical countries have their coldest seasons in June and July.

Aussies are a little different, because a lot of us have deep tans and naturally bleached tresses, so it’s odd hearing us harping about Christmas in July. So, in case you’re unfamiliar with the quirks of our climate, yes, our winter starts coming halfway through the calendar. In most parts of Australia, that means temperatures between the tens and twenties (in Celsius of course) and cloudy skies. But in some parts of Melbourne, it does bring snow, especially in the ‘High Country’ segments of Victoria. You can even get in a bit of skiing.

Steam it up

Still, you mostly want a gift hamper that heats things up just a bit. So while ear muffs and snow boots and overkill for non-alpy residents, a scarf and a hot mug won’t go astray. Our Coffee Break hamper is good for that, though we don’t have that scarf, sorry. It’s easy enough to buy them in your giftee’s favourite colour though, and add them to our beautifully bound package. What this winter hamper does have is a hug-mug they will use and remember long after their gift basket contents are depleted.

In the meantime, introduce them to Byron Bay. Inside the hamper, you’ll find their famous chocolate covered coffee beans as well as a bag of ground harmony coffee for that steaming mug of zen. Yes, to us ‘normals’, coffee is a stimulant that turns us into insomniac squirrels, but for the initiated, coffee is comfort in cup. Your coffee box also has baked Florentines to nibble with your blessed beverage. And there’s a free gift card too.

Express yourself!

Maybe you want that perky treat to be a little less office-friendly. Two words: Espresso Martini. Forget the nectar of the gods … give your recipient a pick-me-up that will warm their insides in more ways than one, making the dreary evening a tad more exciting. The name of the gift bag is Espresso Martini Night in. The drink comes in a pretty mason jar, so just chill it, open it, and pour into your favourite martini glass.

If they don’t own some, buy them a set and add it to the hamper. A pack of olives would be good too – they already have the jar. There’s a pair of fluffy grey socks in there, as well as a diffuser. In keeping with the coffee theme, there’s aromatic coffee scrub, coffee beans, hand cream, a body brush, and salted caramel wafers. Plus, for gift hampers in Melbourne, we offer delivery services to ease the process further.

To warm up a loved one this winter, call Gift Baskets Direct today on 1300 665 331 and order one of our specially curated hampers.

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