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You’re probably surrounded by mums, whether it’s your partner, your sister, your colleagues, or even your boss. Shopping for your mum and the women in your life might be a little easier, because you have intimate relationships with them, so you’re fairly familiar with their tastes and preferences. Buying for the boss might be a little more difficult, but we can help.

Gift Baskets Direct has an expert team of gift concierges with decades of experience, and we can help you put together the perfect Australia gift basket for your boss. It might help to get a little hint of what she likes, so if you don’t have any social information about her, talk to her secretary or PA and get some directional guidance.

As little as you know about your boss’ habits, you probably know whether she’s the kind of girl that likes a night out or whether she’s more of a home-with-a-book type of mum. It should also be fairly obvious whether she likes tea or tipple, coffee or cola. Here are some of our top gift basket suggestions for the Boss Mama.

For the social boss

Does your boss sometimes join you for drinks, and did she get a little tipsy at the last office party? If she’s not a teetotaller, she will love our Espresso Martini hamper. It’s branded for a fun night in, but she can still enjoy it after an evening on the town when she wants to wind down, or maybe after a rough day at the office.

It has a pair of plush grey socks that she can snuggle into after her soothing bath, where she can treat herself with a natural Italian body brush, aromatic coffee scrub, and a hand cream infused with cardamom and neroli. The hamper has pre-mixed espresso martini in a jar, so all she is to do is shake or stir and pour into her favourite martini glass.

There’s also a pack of Byron Bay coffee beans and salted caramel wafers for a late night snack or morning after breakfast. The hamper also has a sola flower diffuser to fill her home with soothing scents and calm her frazzled nerves. Top it off with the complimentary gift card.

For the homebody boss

If your supervisor prefers her nights quiet and laid back, get her a Snuggle up pamper hamper, or a Cosy nights hamper. Both gift baskets have a sola diffuser flower and a gift card, but the former has a plush pink throw blanket, a scented candle, and a milky bath brew. The latter has a hot water bottle with its own grey jersey, a hug-me-mug, and All Sorts Tea. Buy a book by her favourite writer, or a current best seller to complete her night in.

You could also top up the hamper with a CD from her favourite band, or some pre-selected soothing melodies. If the gift is a group project by the whole office, you could contribute to a pot and buy her an electronic tablet, like a Kindle or Nook. You could even opt for a music player like an iPod or a Sony MP3 player. Both make great gifts for the indoorsy mum.

To get your boss the perfect Mother’s day gift, call Gift Baskets Direct on 1300 665 331.


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