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Gift Baskets can seriously be life savers. Think back to all the times when you’ve sent gift baskets over  the years. We bet that you can think of at least 5 occasions when they’ve come in seriously handy and you’ve been super relieved once you’ve purchased and sent them – and received the thank you from the lucky recipient!

Here are the times in which sending a gift basket is going to seriously save the day…


Some Occasions When Sending a Gift Basket May Seriously Save the Day


You’re busy at work – or other things

Many of us lead extremely busy lives. This can make it incredibly hard to find a time to get to the shops to pick out the perfect gift for someone. Giving cash or a gift voucher just feels so tacky and lazy, it really isn’t an option. Instead of rushing to the shops when you have an hour free, it’s better to just continue on task and order a gift basket. No need for you to stress out and this still leaves your gift recipient happy!


You simply forgot about the occasion

OH MY GOD IS IT MUM AND DAD’S 30TH WEDDING ANNIVERSARY??! There’s going to be occasions that we forget over the years, even for those of us that are super organised. You probably feel horrible that you forgot and now there’s no time for a gift. Thankfully, sending a gift basket is easy and it reaches your recipient quickly.


You’re too far away

If you actually don’t have a chance to be physically present when you’re giving a gift, then gift baskets offer the perfect solution. You can be out on a science station in Antarctica and still send people a lovely present quickly without having to be present yourself for the occasion. Make sure to put in a heartfelt card saying that you wish that you could be there for the occasion, and hopefully next time you actually can.


You don’t trust Australia Post to arrive in time

Has anyone noticed that Australia Post’s service has become seriously ineffective? You send a letter or parcel these days and just pray for the best, don’t you? Many of us no longer trust the service to deliver our goods when they say they will. Going with a couriered gift basket means that you can trust that your present will get there when it actually says it will – so you don’t have to stress about whether things will arrive in time.

Trust Gift Baskets Direct, Australia gift hamper specialists. We deliver all over the country and can seriously help you out when you’re in a bit of a present bind! We have gift baskets for all occasions so have a look to see which one’s the right one for your gift giving occasion.

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