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Now that Christmas is almost upon us, we have those wild thoughts cropping up in our heads regarding gifts. First of all, you will think, “Oh I want to get him something this Christmas that is going to blow his mind!”. But then, after trying to come up with ideas for a week or so, you become resigned about it all – “I wonder if a wheel of brie and a bottle of his favourite wine will do for a gift?”.

To be fair, the quirky gift basket gift sits somewhere in between these two thoughts. On the one hand, it is refreshing and different because it’s designed to be quirky. And on the other side, it is the busy person’s gift, as you pick it out online and don’t have to physically put together the gift basket yourself. Which – let’s be honest here now – makes the best gift ever, coming from their perspective as well as from your perspective, too. It’s thoughtful but easy! Finally!

The pamper pack

When it comes to gift baskets for men, you’re usually thinking of something typically blokey, or something that’s nondescript, and could be for anyone. But how about flipping this around and picking him up a pamper pack? For instance, you could get him a gift basket that contains items like hand cream, aftershave, candles, and body lotion – just make sure that that they are in a neutral instead of sweet scent. Our “Urban Rituelle Travel” set is an excellent pamper pack for the man in your life.

Give him a cracker for Christmas

Keep the Christmas spirit alive by giving him the gift basket of all his Chrissy faves. Because we shouldn’t have to wait until someone serves up fruit mince pies or choccies – we should be able to indulge in our supply whenever we please. Try out our Bountiful Christmas Hamper for a delicious range of Christmas goodies that’s just for him. This hamper includes McGuigan Black Label Chardonnay Pinot Noir Brut Cuvee Sparkling, fruit mince pies, a delightful slice of nougat, some Ginger Thins to go along with some Don’t Panic tea, along with some strawberry conserve, and everyone’s favourite Lindt chocolate.

No matter what gift you choose to purchase for him this Christmas, he’s sure to adore it if you’ve put in a little bit of thought. With our range of  Christmas Gift Hampers, you can also put in additional add-ons like a mini Moet, a plush men’s robe, or a scented candle, to add an extra touch of thought and care. Our hampers are well loved around the country, so give that man the thoughtful (and yet easy!) gift this Christmas season.

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