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We all have off days, days where we forget special occasions, snap at our loved one or miss important milestones. While it’s near enough impossible to avoid ever making a mistake, there are some simple and classic ways you can say you’re sorry.

This is where a thoughtful basket of chocolates and flowers can do more than just turn a frown upside down; it’s a delightful gift that can make all the difference.

So what makes a chocolate and flower gift so timeless?



Quality Products to Get Across Your Genuine Message

A delicious array of special chocolate snacks can give your recipients a rare treat. From handmade dark chocolates to nuts and dried fruit coated in delicately smooth milk chocolate, there is always something new and delicious to find in a chocolate hamper.

The other feature of chocolate hampers is that you’re guaranteed to get the best products – no skimping on quality. If you’re looking to give a genuine apology to a person you care about, then a delicious chocolate hamper is the way to go.


Flowers Bring A Smile to Anyone’s Face

Bringing everything that’s sunny and wonderful about the outdoors, flowers can do so much more than brighten a person’s aspect.

Flowers bring colour, vibrancy, scent and visual appeal, and are a lovely, indulgent treat and surprise for those who don’t normally get to buy flowers for themselves.

As a beautiful and cherished gift, flowers are loved by women of all ages – so your gift can say exactly what you want it to say.


Versatile to Work with Any Age and Occasion

From birthdays and anniversaries to baby showers and graduations, bunches of flowers and baskets of chocolates say you’re sorry in a thoughtful and generous way.

Nothing’s better than the crisp crack of a block of chocolate, or the smell of fresh flowers. If you have to give a heartfelt apology for missing something important, then a handpicked arrangement is sure to get across your message.


Receivers Never Get Sick of Chocolates and Flowers

Very few people would ever turn down an artful bunch of flowers or artisanal selection of chocolate treats, so if you’re not sure of what to send when you need to apologise – chocolates and flowers are perfect.


Great for All Budgets – So You Can Say “Sorry” without Breaking The Bank

One of the most popular and timeless reasons that chocolates and flowers have lasted the ages as gifts is that they can be picked to suit any budget.

Whether you’re splashing out or are working with a budget in mind, you can always find a considerably thoughtful and appreciated option when you’re looking at chocolates and flowers.

From a simple bunch of flowers through to a hamper brimming with treats, you’re sure to find a great option that your recipient will love.


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