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As far as important events each year go, your wedding anniversary is pretty up there. Your anniversary is a chance to celebrate your big day of love each year, reminding your partner just how much you love them, and how stoked that you are that they are in your life and by your side, every single year. Choosing the right wedding anniversary gift depends on what sort of gift you’d like to give this year. Here are some of our suggestions for all occasions…


For time together: A weekend away

It is important as a couple to spend quality time together when you can get it. If you don’t get to spend enough time together during the week, and even sometimes on weekends, then the gift of a weekend away together can be an excellent gift to make your partner smile. Our recommendation? Choose a little nook of Australia or the world where you can escape things, rather than a big city. Reconnect in a country cabin just the two of you.


If you’re far apart: A gourmet gift basket

Sometimes you’re not able to spend your wedding anniversary together: things crop up like work or other responsibilities. In these cases, you’ll need a gift that’s easy to deliver on the day. This is what makes an Australia gift basket from us a very appealing choice. Choose either a premade

or craft your own item choices into something you know your partner will enjoy. A well-thought-out gift card inside will make their heart sing.


For those low on funds: A shared website

There are plenty of things that you can give your partner that cost zero dollars. How about an online scrapbook of your adventures together? You can easily start a free blog, add photos that you’ve taken on your phone, and then do a write up on each set of photos about the day that you enjoyed together. On your anniversary you can share the link with your partner and give them a truly personalised gift.


For the foodies: A three-course home cooked meal

When your partner is one of those people who simply love food, then the obvious way to their heart on your anniversary is their stomach. Instead of going out to enjoy it, get your MasterChef on and start cooking up a storm in the kitchen. A three-course meal with some of their favourite foods is sure to have them reminiscing for months.

If your partner is away for your anniversary (or you are), then send them some love via one of our fantastic gift hampers. You can still connect with your partner no matter how many kilometres away you are!

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