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If you’re visiting friends or family for Christmas dinner (or any catered meal), it’s customary to bring wine or dessert. Wine hampers in Australia also make great Christmas gifts, for colleagues, clients, or family members that live far away. It shows you’re thinking of them, and if you order from Gift Baskets Direct, we can customise your hampers with your recipients’ photos, symbols, or selected branding. We can even tailor the gift card with a logo, or embellish the ribbon tied around your gift items.

The selection process is simpler than you think. Our gift concierges have curated gift packs, but you can also add items you prefer, or work with us to craft your own selection. It helps if you know your recipient’s wine preferences (white, red, rose, sparkling), but you can get around that with a mixed basket containing a bottle of each. Let’s explore some of the wine offerings available this Christmas.

Buckets of chocolate and wine

One of our favourite gift options is our trademark chocolate bucket. It’s a cute red tin pail filled with a pack of five Ferrero Rocher and a pack of five Lindt bars. The bucket makes a memorable keepsake and can be periodically refilled with choice candy. Every time you visit their home or office, you can carry confectionaries to top up the bucket. We have three versions of the Chocolate bucket hamper, depending on the type of wine you think they’d prefer. If you’re unsure, ask their spouse, secretary, or significant other. The hamper can be done with Pinot Noir Sparkling Chardonnay, Private Bin Sauvignon Blanc, or Private Bin Shiraz, all from McGuigan – a respected Aussie wine brand.

Basket of treats

Another good choice is to order wickerware. Our wine gift baskets come in sparkling, white, and red. Your goodies are packed in a wicker basket accompanied either by sparkling Jacob’s Creek Trilogy, McGuigan Pinot Noir Chardonnay, or D’Arenberg Footbolt Shiraz. The basket is woven by hand and tagged with a practical chalkboard label. It’s filled with melting moments, wasabi peanuts, and fudge. The basket – depending on which one you pick – may also have honey almond nougat, shortbread fingers, or chocolate. Like all our gift hampers, it has a complimentary gift card included.

Double out of trouble

Sometimes, despite all your sniffing around, you can’t identify your recipient’s wine preferences. In such cases, wine hampers with two bottles can solve your conundrum. We have quite a few available, with different packaging options. They generally contain a bottle of red and a bottle of white, with other items added on at will. They can be packaged in a premium gift box or a wooden crate.

Some examples are Tempus Two Duo (Copper Shiraz and Sauvignon), McGuigan Duo (Private Bin Shiraz and Sauvignon), and a final duo of Two Churches Shiraz and Rapaura Sauvignon. Each wine duo comes with a pair of Lindt milk chocolate. If you’d like to add an extra festive touch to any of our wine hampers, you can pay a little more and add a ‘Christmassy’ item of your choice, whether it’s fruitcake of Christmas pudding.

For a broad selection of Christmas wine hampers, call Gift Baskets Direct today on 1300 665 331.

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