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Shopping for the special lady in your life doesn’t have to be difficult. Start with our complimentary gift card so that she can pick herself something pretty without paying the bill. Then look for the right combination of wine and chocolate.

Pour some Easter sparkles

Depending on how your work situation is set up, Easter is a good time for a romantic getaway. If you’re both corporate employees that get the long weekend off, you could leave on Thursday night and spend four glorious days in paradise. Toast your quality alone time with a sparkling bottle of Moet and Chandon Imperial Brut. It’s a cute, tiny bottle, but you can probably order something bigger from room service. The Moet Easter is one of our most popular wine hampers, and we have adapted it for the season by adding lots of chocolate Easter eggs. 14 to be precise. Be nice, and she just might share.

Bubbles of Easter joy

Champagne doesn’t always have to be French. When it comes to wine hampers, Australia has some brands whose bubbly bouquet is all about home. Reminisce with an Easter Bucket of Bubbles. You could make a little game of it. For every Easter egg you peel, tell each other a meaningful and joyful memory from your past. If you’re more daring, every chocolate egg could earn a treasured secret or a sensuous fantasy that you can explore together.

Three cheers for chocolate

If you want to make an impression on your girl, kill her with chocolate. You might also want to top up her health insurance because she’ll have a date with the dentist before Easter is done. Just make sure her toothy trauma is worth it. The Easter Chocolate Cheer hamper will make her glad someone died for her sins this weekend. It contains not one, not two, but ten variants of chocolate. The goodies range from Easter eggs and choccie-coated peanuts to truffles and Belgian flavours. We’ve also put in some Melting Moments, baked Florentines, and Chocolate Rocky Road. When she’s done with this hamper, she probably won’t want to see another piece of chocolate … until next week.

There’s no hole in my wine bucket

Does your lady like her wine red or white? If you don’t know, ask her friend, because our Easter wine baskets are identical apart from the shade. Confirm her wine palate, then either order an Easter Bucket of Red or an Easter Bucket of White. Both hampers consist of a red tin bucket full of Easter eggs and a bottle of McGuigan Shiraz or McGuigan Sauvignon Blanc. Both bottles are Australian Private Bin brands, so it’s completely a matter of preference. As a memento, you could buy a pair of wine glasses embossed with your names and a significant date in your lives. Your anniversary works well – if you can remember when it is. If you don’t, be prepared to refill that bucket every week …

To find her the perfect Easter gift hamper, call Gift Baskets Direct today on 1300 665 331.


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